Contracts/Commercial Transactions

Effective commercial agreements are a crucial ingredient to business success, while a poorly structured contract or agreement can cause major competitive headaches for your business. Our attorneys can assist you in protecting your interests in commercial arrangements because our lawyers are familiar with a wide range of businesses and industries, and how the Uniform Commercial Code and other contractual standards apply to them.

You can rely on us to plan, structure and implement commercial agreements with a view to protecting your rights and maximizing profitability. Our legal team can provide you with focused advice and experience, giving all parties to a contract with a smooth closing to realize the benefits of the bargain. That’s because we excel at anticipating and resolving issues and problems during negotiation, and do so efficiently and cost-effectively.

Commercial Contracts

We work directly with senior management and in-house counsel to many public and private companies to anticipate and prevent problems, manage risks, and eliminate obstacles to growth by ensuring effective planning, drafting and implementation of commercial contracts. That includes protecting your interests through skilled preparation of:

  • Manufacturing or Supply Agreements
  • Distributor and Sales Representative Agreements
  • Alliance and Marketing Agreements
  • Employment and Consulting Agreements
  • Service Agreements
  • Warranties/Standard Terms and Conditions

While we advocate reducing and often eliminating potential legal issues on the front end of a transaction, we also routinely negotiate contractual disputes on behalf of our clients.

Manufacturing or Supply Agreements

Parties often focus upon the material pricing and performance terms in a manufacturing or supply agreement, but there are a number of other protections and potential pitfalls in a typical manufacturing or supply agreement.  By contacting us on the front-end of a potential transaction, we can assist with drafting or reviewing the transaction documentation to help your company balance the financial rewards with the latent risk of a transaction.

Distributor and Sales Representative Agreements

These contracts often form the backbone of the success of an organization.  While we represent the manufacturer/service provider as well as distributors and sales representative, the manufacturer/service provider typically controls the drafting of these agreements.  However, all parties to this type of contract can realize significant benefits from a short review of the contracts by one of our attorneys.

Alliance and Marketing Agreements

Alliance and marketing agreements take on many forms but typically involve promotion or cross-promotion of the parties’ products or services.  Our attorneys balance legal issues with business realities in order to tailor these agreements to the needs of our clients.  Our attorneys enjoy reviewing these types of agreements, and frequently provide significant added value to their clients with these matters by raising issues that might not have been addressed in the initial development of the proposed agreement.

Employment Agreements

A well-drafted employment agreement can be crucial to both employee and employer in order to memorialize a key relationship,  and to protect both parties in the event a future disagreement arises. We can provide important advice on a number of matters commonly present in well-drafted employment agreements such as employee and employer responsibilities, non-compete provisions and employment termination provisions. In particular, we have provided advice to a number of physicians and dentists regarding physician employment agreements and other similar matters.

Consulting Agreements

Similar to employment agreements, but typically including greater autonomy by the service provider, consulting agreements involving significant dollars, responsibility or duration of time can benefit greatly from attorney drafting or review.

Warranties/Standard Terms and Conditions

Often considered to be “boilerplate” and swept under the rug, a company’s standard terms and conditions for purchase or sale are among the highest value adds for corporate legal services.

Industries Served

Our attorneys have served clients from a number of industries with contractual matters, but have particular experience in the following industries:

  • Food
  • Packaging
  • Defense and Aerospace
  • Software
  • Consulting and Other Professional Service Providers