Attorney Biographies

Michael D. Thompson

Michael is a seasoned corporate and transactional attorney with a significant background in mergers and acquisitions (M&A), key contracts and commercial transactions, and public company securities law matters.  Many of his clients have included companies in the food, defense and aerospace, packaging and other manufacturing industries as well as a number of professional services clients.  Michael has significant experience with international transactions.

He graduated with distinction from Iowa College of Law in 2001 and also served as a student writer and note and comment editor on Iowa Law Review.  Before beginning his practice at Thompson & Thompson, Michael practiced corporate law for nine years at two of Chicago’s top law firms.

Michael regularly advises his clients regarding the contracts and agreements that are most important to their business, either because of the dollar amount involved, the crucial nature of the subject matter or the potential for significant liabilities if something goes wrong.  These key transactions often take the form of contracts with vendors or customers, key employees or the client’s bank, but Michael also provides general legal advice regarding matters that can arise in the ordinary course of business such as an insurance claim gone awry or a disgruntled employee, or difficulties with obtaining the proper permits or receiving an unexpected notice from a taxing authority.

Michael’s transactional experience also stems from serving clients actively engaged in the M&A market.  As representative examples, Michael acted as U.S. counsel to a Belgian client in a partial demerger transaction, represented a UK client in multiple strategic acquisitions of U.S. companies, assisted another UK client in a divestiture of its U.S. portfolio company and closed a sale of a privately-held company to a U.S. stock exchange. Michael assisted a UK-based public company in its acquisition of a majority stake in a U.S. publicly-traded company, coupled with a contemporaneous initial public offering on the London Stock Exchange. He represented the seller in a two-step tender offer/short form merger, and represented the buyer in a $300 million life insurance company acquisition that included negotiations with state insurance regulators.

His securities law experience includes counseling public companies with regard to their periodic reporting requirements, advising clients on new developments in securities law and facilitating private placements. Michael drafted one of the first Form S-1 registration statements to be filed under the SEC’s new securities offering reform rules that went effective in December 2005. He represented the buyer/majority shareholder in a Schedule 13e-3 going-private transaction and has teamed with other attorneys to represent a large public company in its $17.6 billion combined euro, dollar and sterling bond offering, which, at the time, was the largest corporate bond offering in debt capital markets history.

Michael sometimes assists clients with structuring joint venture transactions, including those involving international collaboration between a U.S. entity and a non-U.S. entity. Michael also advises clients on a litany of corporate governance issues and has helped clients form new business entities and implement a sound corporate governance structure.

Camille I. Thompson

Camille is an experienced corporate/transactional attorney with a concentration in lending transactions and venture capital and private equity transactions.  She has extensive experience in a diverse range of industries, with a focus on emerging technology and manufacturing businesses.

She graduated cum laude from University of Minnesota Law School in 2003 and also served as a student writer and Articles Submissions Editor for Minnesota Law Review.  Camille practiced corporate and finance law for over seven years at two of the nation’s largest law firms.

While beginning her career with a significant concentration of work for banks and other lending institutions, her career evolved to working either the acquisition side or the financing side of private equity transactions, on behalf of either the private equity firm or the portfolio companies.  The firm now benefits from her experience in an advisory capacity while her primary role is as an in-house counsel at one of Eastern Iowa’s largest companies.

A number of her clients have grown from startups with a few angel investors into large very successful companies with heavy funding from private equity investors in a very short period of time, primarily in emerging technology, food service or manufacturing.