Boutique Firm Advantages

Client Service Guarantee

Thompson & Thompson LLP is one of the nation’s only law firms to offer its clients a written guarantee of satisfaction with its legal services.  We provide this guarantee because of the trust it engenders with our clients, thus enhancing our ability to provide high quality, client-focused legal services.  It also reflects our confidence in our attorneys’ skills, experience, and judgment.

We pledge to provide services that effectively address a client’s specific objectives.  Our expectation is that we will provide our clients with sophisticated and responsive legal services that deliver the best value available in the industry.  Backing up this expectation, our clients are only required to pay what they perceive to be the value of the legal services that they have received.

Boutique Pricing Models

Our attorneys have nearly twenty years of legal experience as corporate attorneys at several of the nation’s top full-service law firms.  Our Firm was founded in order to continue providing sophisticated legal services to our clients with a leaner, flexible pricing structure.  We reduced or eliminated unnecessary expenses within our Firm and have placed a focus upon providing our attorneys with the latest technologies that enable them to be as responsive and cost-efficient as possible.

Fixed-Fee Engagements

We offer our clients the advantages of fixed fee legal services.  Our clients appreciate that:

  • it stabilizes legal expenses for budgeting purposes
  • it engenders greater trust from clients so they feel more comfortable utilizing our services
  • the law firm takes responsibility for properly estimating the legal resources required for the client and bears a portion of the volatility and risk
  • it generally results in lower overall legal fees

Favorable Hourly Rates

For those clients that prefer to obtain legal services via the more traditional hourly rate structure, our Firm offers hourly rates that are extremely competitive.  In addition to obtaining their transactional legal services at favorable rates, our Firm’s clients also feel more comfortable contacting us with minor questions or keeping us informed due to our favorable hourly rates, resulting in many of the benefits that our fixed-fee engagements provide.

We do not charge our clients for short phone calls or quick questions via email.

Information Control

Due to the size of our Firm and the technology that we employ, some of our clients feel added comfort knowing that when they entrust us with sensitive or confidential information, a very limited circle of individuals will have the ability to access that information.