Famous Iowans

The land of John Wayne and Johnny Carson, Radar from Mash and “Private Ryan”, Iowa conjures images of hard-working Middle America, a place where neighbors help neighbors and your word is your bond (though of course our Firm prefers that our clients utilize well-drafted written contracts in most circumstances).

Iowa often also serves as a barometer of the prevailing political climate in the United States as a whole.  Presidential candidates take to the streets in Iowa every campaign cycle to field questions from soft-spoken but politically informed Iowans in order to gain momentum in the presidential primaries.

Iowa remains a classic example of American values – individual freedoms and self-reliance – the value of competition – equality of opportunity and the value of hard work.  Our Firm is proud of its Iowan heritage, and hope that our clients appreciate our Firm’s dedication to portraying the same set of values as America’s heartland.